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Aura Repair Empowerment – The Aura Repair Empowerment is a very simple energetic tool that makes it easy to fix problems with the aura.The aura is the energetic field that surrounds the body. The aura extends out from the body in a circle, from a few inches to a few feet or even more. The aura serves as a natural psychic defense mechanism, keeping out unwanted thoughtforms and energies. It also energizes the body and feeds the energetic system, bringing fresh chi to the chakras and meridians. If the aura is functioning properly, it brings in fresh energy and expels old stale energy. The aura can collect thoughtforms, both from the individual and those around them. Someone who is constantly angry will have angry thoughtforms collected in the aura. This serves to weaken the aura and thus weaken the person. It is not important to be able to read auras to use this empowerment, and teaching the art of aura reading is beyond the scope of this course. If you have been healing for a while you may just have a “knowing” that an aura repair is needed. If not, you may use this empowerment as part of the regular healing sessions you give as maintenance. This can be done at the beginning or end of the session. You may also find this empowerment is helpful if a client complains of the following: fatigue, emotional overwhelm, obsessive thoughts about another person, feeling too many emotions about another, physical illness, and anxiety.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,00


Outside Influence Protection Empowerment – The Outside Influence Protection Empowerment helps to clear up outside negative energy that may be adversely impacting your life or the life of your clients. It removes curses, hexes and malicious spellsfrom friends, loved ones and colleagues that might be indirectly affecting you in a negative way. It also cuts negative cords with toxic people, and helps remove negative energy from your environment and surroundings. It is also a quick way to perform psychic protection forthose closest to you, because the empowerment will psychically protect those family and friends in your inner circle.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,00


Psychic Contamination Flush – The Psychic Contamination Flush clears out energetic contamination in the aura, chakras, and meridians. Getting psychic contamination is like getting an energetic cold. You “catch” it from someone else. It’s like an energetic virus that depletes and depresses the energetic system. Using the Psychic Contamination Flush will release any negative energies you might have “caught” from another person or people. Usually you will feel relief fairly quickly.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,00


Blessings of the Prosperity Angels – The Blessings of the Prosperity Angels attunement connects you to the vibration of Prosperity and to the Angels of Prosperity. The Angels of Prosperity will send you great Blessings of Prosperity and Abundance in the form of money each time you call on them for help and assistance. They are very happy to help you and want you to have all that you need in life and more. Call on them and accept their Blessings with gratitude.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 13,50


Break Free – Deep Clearing Reiki – this system helps clear present and past life issues that may be blocking your abilities to move forward and follow your path. The conditioning we receive as children is not always in our best interest, and much of what we learn is impressed upon our unconscious minds both during childhood and later in life through our experiences. These negative thought patterns influence our thinking in the present time and may cause us to make decisions based on false impressions. In order to be successful in life at anything you choose, you must release these false and negative thought patterns. Not only does our past in this lifetime influence our decisions and reactions to things, but also we often carry over negative thought patterns from past lives. These need to be released and viewed as information, without any emotional attachments. Deep seated emotions cause us to form thought patterns and cling to things that are no longer helpful to us in the present. The Break Free—Deep Clearing Reiki system, helps you to release things that are no longer for your highest good and severs the emotional attachments you may have to these negative thought forms. There are 2 symbols. One is for releasing negativity in the present, and the other is to help you release negative thought forms and emotional attachments to past life issues.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,50


Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki – We all have times when we feel like everything is going wrong, and it seems that there is a dark cloud hanging over our heads. During these times, we can often blame others, or ourselves for anything and everything that happens. More often than you might realize these negative thoughts create a subconscious mindset that sabotages our greatest hopes, dreams, and plans for success. Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki will help you to clear out the things that are hidden in your subconscious bringing them to the surface so you can see and recognize them, and release them. You may or may not feel the pain of old hurts and wounds as they surface, but it is most likely that you will simply see them as information that you can recognize, acknowledge, and release. Once you have cleared these negative thoughts and negative emotional feelings and blocks to your success, you will find that things begin to improve, sometimes rather rapidly!

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Dream Voyage of the Swan – Dream Voyage of the Swan connects you to the Spirit of the Swan and guides you on a dream voyage spirit journey. The Swan is connected to the mysteries, to the otherworlds, to the faery realm, and to the gateways of passage. The Swan helps you with grace, with intuition, and with discovering the hidden talents and desires within. Working with the energies of Dream Voyage of the Swan, helps develop your intuition, your psychic abilities, perception of things physical and beyond. It also brings the Swan into your life as an animal spirit guide.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Essence of Love and Friendship Reiki – The attunement to Essence of Love and Friendship Reiki connects you to spirit and your higher self for healing of emotional issues, relationships, and past life issues connected to love and friendship that are carried over and are no longer serving you for the highest good. It also empowers you so that you can attract positive relationships of love and friendship. The energies of the Essence of Love and Friendship Reiki can also be used to help heal others as well as yourself, including helping children to adjust to moving, making new friends, or learning to cope with and heal any emotional relationship issue. It is easy to understand and use, and anyone can be attuned to this system.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Eye of the Storm Reiki – Eye of the Storm Reiki connects you to Spirit and the calm, centeredness of the Eye of the Storm to help you remain calm, in control of any situation, and protected. When there is chaos all around you, and you feel overwhelmed by all of the drama, all of the stress, and pressure of situations in your life, you need a safe place to regain your senses and stay protected from all of the negative energies flying around you. The Eye of the Storm Reiki helps you to be able to relax, and know that you are safe. It shields you from the chaos and it helps you remain untouched by any psychic attacks, gossip, and negativity that others may throw at you. When you can be in the Eye of the Storm, all of the stress, life dramas, and negative energies whirl around you without touching you, until they run their course and spin off to be transmuted into light and love. You are in the calm, peaceful, Eye of the Storm, and you are safe.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Flight of the Phoenix Reiki – Flight of the Phoenix Reiki attunes you to the energies of the Phoenix and Spirit. This system works with free will, helps you with breaking free of chains that bind you or hold you back, and living with passion and joy! So often, we are held back with attachments to people, places, and things out of guilt or love for someone else, even when these things no longer serve us. Your free will allows you to break these chains, and helps you decide what it is you want in life. Free will gives you the courage to follow your dreams, not someone else’s, and to make those dreams come true. When you are living your life out of passion and following YOUR dreams and life path, your life overflows with abundance, love, and joy!

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment – Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment connects you to Spirit and your inner soul to help you with empowerment. You have within you a desire to follow your heart, but often it is hard to do this and sometimes you may find you are on the wrong path. This happens when you get distracted by everyday life and trying to take care of mundane things. While it is true that you must meet your obligations and do what is necessary to survive in the physical world, you must also take care of your inner self, the part of you that desires to complete the work on this earth you came here to do. Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment helps get you back on track and helps you identify and clear away the things that are holding you back. As long as you resist taking action on fulfilling your desires, you will continue to have a nagging feeling deep inside that constantly reminds you that there is something more you are meant to do or be on this earth. Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment also helps you to take steps toward achieving your goals by filling you with positive energies of courage, empowerment, and love.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Healing the Conflict Within Reiki – The attunement to Healing the Conflict Within connects you to your guides, spirit, and your higher self. Very often, we have conflicts within ourselves that seem to devastate us. We can think of something we love and want, and suddenly, feel overwhelmed with thoughts of fear, discouragement, and despair. When we try to look at both sides of the issue, it only gets worse. What causes this? And how do we stop it? When we are filled with conflicting emotions, we get stuck—unable to do anything. We cannot think clearly, and generally end up doing nothing at all for lack of understanding of what it happening. We can resort to blaming ourselves and others and feel powerless to move forward. Working with the energies of Healing the Conflict Within, helps you to clear out that negative thinking and allows you to open your heart to the messages from Spirit and your higher self that can guide you in making choices for the highest good. This attunement connects you quickly with the Higher energies necessary to overcome problems and find positive solutions so that you can make the best decisions, and have the courage to take the necessary actions to bring change in a way that makes transitions smooth and eases the path.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


The Indigo Light Empowerment – This system is a beautiful personal growth system. It raises your vibration, and allows you to develop your psychic abilities and will also help you to learn to communicate with others, animals, and the nature Spirit’s through empathy and intuition at a faster pace by connecting you to the higher realms.

As such, it also works to help raise the vibration of Earth and Humanity, which in turn, speeds our evolution to higher dimensional thinking. The Indigo Starlight System energy works with the third eye chakra

and psychic centers. It enhances psychic abilities through empath and love. This system will provide a calming effect on Indigo Children and Indigo Adults. The color blue-violet or indigo activates this energy. This system is also perfect when working with animal’s since it help you to connect with the animal in atelepathic manner and through empathy. Your intuition is heightened when you envision the Indigo Starlight glowing brightly within your third eye. When working with Indigo Children, you will be able to feel/sense the child’s energies as your energy flows through the child. This also applies when working with animals and Indigo Adults.

As your energy moves through the one being healed, your psychic intuition and sense of empathy picks up on whatever is causing the trouble, and the energies of the Indigo Starlight System calms the one you are healing. The energies of this system attunes you to listening without preset ideas on what is or is not possible. The more you work with the energies of the Indigo Starlight System, the more you will be able to “hear” what other “Beings” are telling you. This may come to you in any form of communication—hearing, vision, or just knowing intuitively. It is as if you “become” the other being for a few moments, through empathy and you understand them—and they understand you. It is unconditional love that bonds you.

Prerequisiti: Kundalini Reiki 3° livello o Usui Reiki 1° livello

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Light of Muses – The Light of Muses attunement connects you to all of the Muses in a way that will fill you with inspiration and creative energy. Creative energies are not only used in fine arts like music, painting, writing, etc. but are also a part of daily life. Inspiration often gives you the guidance, and wisdom to solve problems that need immediate attention. There are nine Muses that are most well known, but there are actually many more Muses that may be inspiring us in things such as justice, business, and other areas of our lives that we do not even know are helping us. The Light of Muses attunement will strengthen your connection to Spirit in a way that allows you to consciously call on the Muses for inspiration and creative solutions. You will learn about the nine most known Muses, and how to call on them for assistance and guidance in all areas of your life. You will be given a universal symbol to use to connect you quickly to any of the Muses to help enhance your creativity, and open the path for Divine inspiration. While you do not need any attunement to work with the Muses, this attunement does strengthen and strongly connect you to them in a way that speeds your ability to receive Divine inspirations to motivate and guide you in your life.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Light of Archangels Empowerment – The Light of Archangels Empowerment strengthens your connection to Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel and accelerates your spiritual growth. They want you to know that you do not need an attunement to call upon, and work with any Angels, including Archangels. However, by receiving this attunement, your bond with them will be strengthened and communications become easier. They always hear your prayers to them, but because they have never been human, they sometimes find it difficult to communicate with humanity in ways people can understand. People often do not hear, acknowledge, or comprehend the messages. This attunement assists you to recognize and understand the Archangels messages and communications with you.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Phoenix Rising Reiki – The Phoenix represents Rising above life’s challenges and circumstances whether this is Financial, Relationships, and Health etc. This beautiful bird of Myth and Magic is generally seen in the colors of red, golden yellow, and sometimes the Phoenix will have a slight tint of orange in its plumage. On rare occasions the Phoenix may have hints of other colors, but in general the Phoenix will always appear predominately red and golden yellow.

Since ancient times, the Phoenix has been considered a sun bird. Associated with the sun Gods, the Phoenix will catch fire at the end of its life only to return rising from the Ashes being reborn again to fly to the sun. Therefore, the Phoenix is a bird that comes from the power of the Sun, fire and air, and represents purification as well as rebirth and transformation. The actual colors of power are red and yellow. The Phoenix Rising Reiki system works with these colors and the elements for visualization in focusing or directing the energies to clear negativity and infuse courage, strength, endurance, and rising above life’s challenges.

The Phoenix Rising attunement will burn away any negative thought patterns you have acquired during this lifetime and past lifetimes that are no longer needed. Through the Attunement these Negative Thought Patterns are released to be transformed into positive energies. By letting go of these negative thought forms, you can then begin to allow the positive things that the Universe has for us to come into us.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Shield of Archangel Michael – The Shield of Archangel Michael connects you to the power and energies of Archangel Michael and surrounds you with Archangel Michael’s love and protection. While you do not need an attunement to call on Archangel Michael for any reason, this attunement will connect you to him in a powerful way and strengthen any connections to Archangel Michael that you may already have. You will learn how to use the symbol to invoke Archangel Michael’s protection quickly and powerfully for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home, your finances, and anything else you may want to protect. You will also understand how to shield yourself and others against any form of negative energies, people, and etc. You will be guided as to how to release your fears and embrace the future with confidence.

You do not need to be a Reiki Master to be attuned to the Shield of Archangel Michael.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Snap of the Dragon Reiki – The attunement to Snap of the Dragon Reiki connects you to the Spirit of the Dragon.

This attunement will:

  • Help you to undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual wisdom growth and transformation Help add sparkle and light to your life in all areas
  • Help with being more successful and prosperous
  • Help you be more vigorous in body, mind, and spirit
  • Help you be more alert and energized

The Snap of the Dragon Reiki attunement works with the energies of the dragon, and connects you to the heart and soul spirit of the Dragon. Dragons are powerful beings of light, that are connected to some angels. They will bring you wisdom, help you grow, show you the way to increase your finances, and improve relationships. Dragons offer guidance and encouragement, protection and gifts of love to those who befriend them and ask for their help. They are loyal, and will lend power and energy to your aura, and to you LightWork.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Spiral of Life Reiki – The Spiral of Life Reiki system connects you to your higher self and to the creative Source in a way that allows you to transcend obstacles and setbacks in your path with less emotional trauma. There are times in our lives when things seem to slow down, or things don’t work out as expected. Spiral of Life Reiki helps you through these tough times, and brings clarity to your mind so that you can focus and understand your next step forward. Spiral of Life Reiki is a powerful reiki system that helps you to heal and empower yourself and others. It works with higher energies and the universal laws to help you move forward in your life with the least amount of resistance.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Spirit of the Four Winds Reiki – Spirit of the Four Winds Reiki connects you to the energies of the Four Winds of the Earth, and directs positive energies and blessings of spirit to you. This system works well for healing, manifesting, guidance, and ascension. It helps you to explore your inner self, and connect to your higher self, for guidance in specific areas. Meditations guide you through the Spirit of the Four Winds to receive messages, and blessings of North, East, South, and West Winds.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


StarBurst—New Beginnings Reiki – StarBurst—New Beginnings Reiki connects you to the energies of a Star Burst and is the creative energies of new beginnings. Life is born of the burst of energy that happens when a star goes nova and bursts—spraying out particles into the atmosphere. These energies create matter and are the result of changes— death of the old, and rebirth of the new. StarBurst—New Beginnings Reiki works with these energies to help bring about changes for the better, creativity, and New Beginnings. The energies can be used to help yourself and others to take necessary steps to changes that help you heal, improve any situation, and change your life for the better.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Waterfall Healing Reiki – The Waterfall Healing Reiki system was given to me to bring great healing energies to those in need. Recently, I was not feeling well and discovered that I had a severe kidney infection that I had been ignoring for a very long time, which caused some complications. In my work, I often am busy helping others and forget to take time to heal myself. This system of healing was given to me and I have been using it faithfully now for over two weeks with excellent results. It is now time to bring the Waterfall Healing Reiki forward and offer it to others so that you too, may benefit from these energies.

Waterfall Healing Reiki is a healing system that works to both help heal the body, mind, and spirit, and also to clear, remove illness, pain, and can be used to help shrink, remove and reverse various tumors, cancers, disease, etc. Keep in mind that everyone is different and that results may vary from person to person. However, Waterfall Reiki can be helpful in working with these difficult health issues, including things like crystals that form in the body. You are always advised to see your physician use whatever Reiki system you may feel comfortable with using along with any medical treatments your physician may recommend.

There are two basic techniques for using Waterfall Healing Reiki and they are very simple and easy to use. Anyone can do this and you do not need to be a Reiki Master to use Waterfall Healing Reiki. You can use Waterfall Healing Reiki to help heal yourself and others, including animals and plants, etc.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Abundance Tree Reiki – The Abundance Tree Reiki connects you to the energies of abundance in all areas of your life and to the Creative Source for the highest good. This system works with positive energies of pure potential, love, and light. Your will learn a meditation to help you draw abundance to you, and also be shown how to change negative thought patterns and turn them around so that you create abundance in all areas of your life. This is a powerful system that helps get you on track and helps you to stay in the flow of abundance.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50


Angel Guides Empowerment – The Angel Guides Empowerment connects you with your personal Angel guide or guides. This energy is very high and helps you to vibrate on a level that allows you to communicate with your angel guides. Your Angel guides will assist you in following your path. They will help you to heal from any illness or injury, often much quicker than would be expected. And you personal Angel Guides will work to help you understand what steps to take to improve your life and to manifest your desires. Angels are around you all the time, and they work to help you become empowered, to feel better, and to create the life you desire and are meant to live. You do not need an attunement to work with your Angel Guides, but the energies of this attunement does help you to connect easier and faster and to vibrate at a higher energy than you normally would. Angels are always ready to help you—all you need to do is connect to them and allow your energies to become a link to communication, understanding, and inspiration so that your Angel Guides can help you reach your goals.

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 16,00


Healing the Inner Child Reiki – Healing the Inner Child Reiki connects you to spirit and your inner child to bring healing, joy, laughter, and childhood wonder of spirit to you. It also connects you to your personal guardian angels of the Inner Child. The energies of this attunement will fill you with love and joy, and heal those childhood memories that are painful. It helps you to allow your inner child to come forward with love and happiness. You may begin to experience that childhood eagerness of looking forward to doing something special you have been wanting to do. Youmay find that you are filled with more self love and fairy like awe of the beauty and love of life. Your Inner Child will be able to step forward and help you learn to laugh and experience a truly joyful heart!

Il corso comprende un’attivazione a distanza, un manuale e un certificato via email – € 17,50

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